Gwen Feldman

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I am a psychoanalytically trained psychotherapist with a strong emphasis on authenticity. Therapy can be a place to say out loud all that you have grown accustomed to keeping silent. A genuine and real connection to another person is one of the best tools we have to grow. I have been treating people both privately and in agency settings since 1997. I always aim to develop an empathic connection so that you feel able to disclose your innermost concerns. Being understood in depth can help soothe feelings of hopelessness and/or isolation. You will be listened to with respect and without judgment.

As you start to make sense of your story, you will likely feel that there are new ways of understanding your struggle. Change will begin as a result of our relationship, and gradually small differences will be felt in many contexts of your life.


I have been a licensed clinical social worker since 1998. In 2004, I pursued psychoanalytic and Trauma/EMDR training in NYC. This 5-year intensive program, which included my personal analysis made me appreciate how much I longed to start my own clinical practice. I have a Post-Master's Certificate in Advanced Clinical Social Work from Hunter College and I trained at NYU to become a certified substance abuse and alcohol counselor (CASAC).

As a result of my extensive training, I believe that a commitment to a therapeutic relationship is what ultimately helps us heal. Your innate desire to be understood, as well as a connection to an empathic clinician are the very best methods we have.

“Medication is important, “but it’s the relationship [between patient and therapist] that gets people better.”
New York Times: March 5, 2011

Gwendolyn Feldman, LCSW, EMDR